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Why Baja?

At Baja Sessions Catering, our goal is simple: to provide a unique and culinary experience to complement our clients’ events.

Baja Sessions Catering (BSC) is a full service Catering and Event Planning company. We specialize in Event Planning, Catering, Weddings, Yacht Provisioning, Corporate Catering, Aviation Catering, Theme Parties and Adventure/Travel Provisioning. Since its inception in 2001, Baja Sessions Catering, a sole proprietorship, has provided the best and finest in culinary creativity to its growing and diverse client base.

How We Started

Founder Romeo Villarreal began his culinary career at a young age and after an eight-year enlistment in the Marine Corps, he took a leap of faith and opened Baja Sessions Catering in 2001.

What ensued was a three-year journey by land, sea, and air to find the pulse of the new company, traveling across Spain, France, Italy, Germany, the Caribbean, Central America, Mexico, and Hawaii—until he had finally found himself back where he belongs—in San Diego County.

What are Baja Sessions?

By Romeo Villarreal, BSC Owner

What are Baja Sessions?

As a young man living in Southern California (in the 70’s and 80’s) my parents introduced me to the concept of a Baja Sessions. Basically it was a small unassuming incursion into the frontier world of Baja, Mexico. While our entry point was Tijuana a true Baja Sessions can be had anywhere. All you need is good friends, good food, a sense of adventure, and willingness to have fun.

Occasionally we would spend time in Tijuana eating from the street vendors, shopping, and even going to the world famous Caesar’s where Cardini’s Caesar Salad was invented. But the best destinations lay much further south. Next stop was Rosarito home to the famous Rosarito Hotel. A very popular hotel and casino back during US prohibition days. All the Hollywood stars would head south to have some fun back in the day. Continuing south we would pass kilometer marker K39 and stop to admire the surf break. Later in life it became one of the many spots we frequented to surf. However, our real destination lay in the fish markets of Ensenada. You could buy the most amazing fresh fish, shrimp, and lobster and have it prepared for you right then and there. We always brought home shrimp, smoked marlin, and scallop the size of your fist. While the adults shopped and hit a bar or two the kids would all buy fireworks and sweets like leche qeumada (burnt milk fudge).

Getting everyone back together to head home we all had one goal in mind; get to Puerto Nuevo (Newport) for dinner. Puerto Nuevo was once a very small fishing village whose inhabitants realized their daily catch held huge potential. Fishing families would literally open their homes to gringos like us and feed us all you can eat lobster, beans, rice and tortillas for about $10 dollars a person. After dinner it was time to get back to reality and head home.

Since those early years I have continued to drive, fly, surf, fish, and sail the entire 800 mile Baja peninsula. I travel quite a bit and no matter where I go in this world I remember the key ingredients to a great time: “all you need is good friends, good food, a sense of adventure, and willingness to have fun.”